RF Mars Golden Mystery ( )

RF Mars Golden Mystery ( )

Information Server

Max lv 65
Exp 1500x
Drop 25x
Animus 30000x
Mining 25x
All PT Skill/Force GM
All Quest Off
FIX Damage Trap And Tower
Active And Friendly All Staff
Event Every Week And Month
Max Upgrade +7

Information NPC

All Potion At NPC Cash Shop
All Scrol MAP At NPC Foreign Vendor
Armor 55-65 Rare B At NPC Armor Intense
Weapon Relic 45 At NPC Weapon Relic 45
Weapon Leon 40 Low At NPC Weapon Leon
Weapon 55-60Rare B At NPC Weapon Intense
Shield 35-65 Rare B At NPC Shield Intense
Gold Point 3K At NPC Gold Point ( Buy With Money )
Weapon Donation Elven 70+6 ( Buy With PVP )
Wepon golden+6 (slot-7) NPC BABI
Information Drop

Young Flym : Gli And Beam
Wing : 100% Recovery Exp
Flym : Legacy Blade,Weapon Returnee
Assasin Builder A : Elemental Medium
Calian Archer,Atrock,Crue = Caliana Neklace (Farm For Low Level)
Draco Elan = Aiming & Blood booster Grade 50
Giant Baba = MAU Bleshing
Jewel Cube = Dual Potion & Scream Mask Lv 55
Kukra Vafer Adjudant = Exceliors Type C(Black,White,Yellow)
Kukra Vafer Captain = Stable And Unstable 6-7 rare B
Naroom Crawler Captain = Talic Restoration
Flym Rex Sette = All Talic And LGS
High Elf Archer = Caliana Neklace (Farm For High Level)

Pit Boss Drop List
PB All Markas = All Rune + Sampah
PB 3D = Elemental HDH , Elemental 3D & Armor 70 rare [B]
PB All Elan = Elemental HDH
PB RingLeader OC = Aiming & Blood Booster Grade 70
PB Draco BM = Leon lvl 55 High
PB Belphegor = Boster Mars (20/15/15/10)
PB Thor = Drop Relic 65 High (Slot Random)
PB Golden Pig = Elemental High
PB Izen Craker = Elemental High
PB Caliana Ether = Snow Pray , Dual OD
PB Santa Choty ( Event ) = Potion 70% , Dual OD , T6

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